“Self-mastery helps you feel like and become a better person today than you were yesterday.”

It’s no secret that what we focus on expands. And when we dig into how our brains process information, we can change the way we think, feel and behave. That’s Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Debra Heslin is a celebrated Certified NLP Master Trainer and Coach. 

After spending nearly two highly stressful decades overseeing a team responsible for more than 1,800 flight attendants at JFK Airport, Deb dove head-first into NLP: an action-oriented way to help us to look at our thoughts, feelings and emotions as things we can control rather than things that passively happen to us. By identifying unproductive patterns that keep us stuck, we can learn new and different ways to reprogram our brains and rewrite our own stories.

At camp, she will share ways to integrate the principles of NLP into our thought processes, and help us get everything we ever dreamed of, and then some.

Debra is also certified as a trainer and/or practitioner in many other modalities including HeartMath® Havening, Canfield Success Principles, Brendon Burchard High Performance Coaching, MindPower™ Coaching, Emotional Intelligence Profiling, and she is currently pursuing her Masters in Metaphysical Science.