“We need to de-stigmatize the aging process and enter what can be the greatest phase of our lives FEARLESSLY!”

Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz is a nationally renowned doctor, expert, speaker and advocate for integrative women’s health.

As a partner at Women’s Care of Beverly Hills, she’s performed thousands of deliveries and continues to help women transition through important phases of their lives -from adolescence to post menopause. Her expertise covers all aspects of gynecology including sexual health, fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and the science of self care. Dr. Suzanne’s diverse background combining her degrees in conventional medicine, Ayurveda, and holistic medicine are key factors to what make her the integrative women’s healthcare expert that she is.  Dr. Suzanne is also Chief Medical Officer of the first of its kind sexual health and wellness startup- www.leminou.com where she helps promote community, awareness and solutions for seual health at all ages. She is the founder of The Menopause Bootcamp, a live event deep dive into The Menopausal Transition and author of the book of the same name ot be published by Harper Collins/ Harper Wave in 2022.

“I’m on a mission to not only explore what it means to be a woman in this culture and age, but to also support our growth as individuals and how we show up in our communities”

Since 2006 Dr. Suzanne has reached millions through TV, print, and dozens of online platforms. As the landscape of women’s health changes, networks such as CNN, NBC and Fox look to her for answers on new medicine & technological developments for postpartum depression, fertility, HPV, and sexual wellness.

Dr. Suzanne brings a holistic wisdom to Campowerment that empowers campers (and all of us) time and time again to stand proud, tall, charged and informed on all things involved in #IntegrativeWomensHealth. She also helps us navigate menopause (is it hot in here or are just excited to be in community with Dr. Suzanne?!)