“Turn off your music + TV; listen to yourself and your environment. The space between the sound can be the most powerful.”

El is an LA-based Sound Practitioner who draws on knowledge, experience and interest combining philosophies from the East and West to deliver ancient sound healing with a modern approach. Offering group healing sessions where she “plays” ancient metal Himalayan Bowls that emit balancing harmonics and vibrations, blended with modular synthesis, El applies yogic sciences, critical thinking and intuition to create a space where clients (and Campers!) can re-calibrate and leave feeling lighter, with deeper perspective.

Sound healing sessions have helped with things including relief of chronic pain and stress/ anxiety, faster physical healing, and rediscovering self-worth. With clarity and willingness to transform, El believes we can unravel conditions instead of being consumed by them. Years as a “sound-obsessed yoga hermit” are equaled by those working in the worlds of entertainment, music and creative strategy. (Basically, she’s the coolest.) El holds a Tibetan Bowl Healing certificate from State-Certified teacher Diáne Mandle and an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor certificate from KAA.