“Turn off your music + TV; listen to yourself and your environment. The space between the sound and ’stuff' can be the most powerful.”

El is a Sound Practitioner and Wellness Designer who works with sound and space to help balance internal and external environments. Whether applying modalities to individuals, groups or the built environment, she considers the intent, current and fundamental nature, and factors of balance to offer accessible remedies that mitigate stress and support healing.

El is certified in Tibetan Bowl sound healing, reiki, Ayurveda, feng shui (BTB school), and the WELL and fitwel building standards. She has studied and practiced healing modalities for over 20 years, and personal practices include several limbs of yoga, martial arts and shamanism. After focusing on sound for years, in 2018 she sought to apply principles of balance and wellbeing to public space and the built environment, and spent time working at RoTo Architects. Her consultancy and practice heare is based in Los Angeles, but available to clients worldwide.