“Yoga is not a practice of self improvement but self acceptance”

gabbi’s passion and study of movement started 10 years ago, but it was in 2021 that she committed the the study of yoga. She is trained and verified with 200hr Hatha yoga, 75 hr trauma informed yoga, life coach, holistic wellness coach, yin practitioner, and vibrational sound healing.

With her relative expertise, Gabbi creates experiences for curious self healers to feel supported and connected when seeking their truth. She believe that movement is the catalyst for deep healing and transformative growth. Gabbi’s intention in working with her clients & students is to guide them in deepening their connection with themselves. Building an awareness for mind, body, and soul to create a stronger foundation of home within. After a session with Gabbi expect to feel grounded, relaxed, and open to the abundant possibilities that exist for you.

See you on the mat, Namaste.