“In medicine, there cannot be a single cookie-cutter treatment method.”

Dr. Marisa Chang, MD, is an expert in both neurology and pain, particularly in orofacial and headache pain. Dr. Chang knows that to treat multi-layered neurological diseases and disorders, there cannot be a single “cookie-cutter” treatment method.

She strives to utilize the best technologies, numerous clinical trials, and the most innovative treatment plans in the world to provide headache, pain, and neurological solutions to her patients.

Dr. Chang graduated summa cum laude Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Southern California. She continued her education as a Regent’s Scholar at the University of California, Irvine College of Medicine. She went on to complete her Neurology residency at UCLA, where she was elected Chief Resident. Dr. Chang then chose to pursue a fellowship in Headache, Interventional Pain, and Orofacial Pain at UCLA.

She is the first neurologist to ever complete an Orofacial Pain Fellowship with the prestigious UCLA Orofacial Pain Program through the UCLA School of Dentistry. Dr. Chang became an Assistant Clinical Professor at the UCLA Department of Neurology and UCLA School of Dentistry and was voted by the UCLA medical students as the best resident teacher in the Department of Neurology. She has received numerous teaching awards for her commitment to educating others and has also lectured extensively on the pathophysiology and treatment of all forms of headache and pain.

Despite her academic accolades, Dr. Chang feels her most important accomplishment is her relationship with her patients. She loves educating all who are ready to learn, about neurological issues and brain health.