“Nature provides a solution for all our problems. We just need to listen.”

Melanie is a Community Herbalist, Certified Holistic Health Coach, and Flower Essence Practitioner.

Her official plant learning began 7 years ago in a life changing experience at Israel Herb School in the holy land where David beat Goliath. Melanie lived for 5 months in a refurbished chicken coop, with strangers, no internet, and surrounded by fields and hills of beautiful plants. She continued to study herbal medicine and spirit medicine from various teachers in Colorado, Connecticut, Costa Rica, and New York.

Melanie’s travels have given her a broad base for understanding plants from different teacher perspectives, which all culminated in her founding Root 2 Rise Wellness to connect people of all ages to their roots, to nature, and healthy practices through conscious community.

Melanie draws from knowledge gained from her Health Coaching Certification at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and Flower Essence Training to get to the root of peoples health issues and offer solutions through education. She believes in getting back to our roots and tapping into the ways our ancestors and natives of this land were connected allows for harmonious living internally and with the world around us. ​

Melanie attracts clients (and campers!) ready to work through issues and unhealthy patterns to feel well and lead vibrant lives. She believes it is her purpose to teach the wonders of the plant world and natures’ solutions to everyday problems and chronic conditions. She is honored to be spreading plant magic to the conscious Campowerment community! ​

P.S. Melanie has a Master’s from Columbia as a Bilingual Speech Therapist, which she uses to practice Pediatric Speech and Feeding therapy…Bonus: she teaches kids about plants in Herbalicious Kids Classes, too 😉