“Sweat. Dance. Be excited about waking up every day.”

Selena Watkins is a renowned fitness trainer, instructor, creative artist, dancer and fitness model who created and founded SOCANOMICS, the very-hot Caribbean Dance workout.

A SoulCycle Instructor, Founding Instructor of Studio, a running and total body workout app with a group fitness feel, a NASM certified Personal Trainer, an NBA Brooklynettes dance team alum, and Former Assistant Producer for the legendary radio station 98.7 KissFM, Selena’s cred (literally) jumps off the page.

Selena also teaches dance cardio workouts and brings the fun workout around the world as a traveling workshop city to city and even as a live streaming event.

As a performer Selena has danced alongside Nicki Minaj, Janelle Monae, Rihanna, Pharrell Williams, Alison Hinds, and more. She was named Miss Black USA in 2012 and, several years later, won Women’s Health Magazine’s 2016 Next Fitness Star.

Selena’s fitness philosophy is that movement is essential to maintaining an excellent quality of life. With this action-based mindset and willingness to step outside of her comfort zone time and time again, Selena has become an inspiration to thousands of people (including the Campowerment Crew).

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