“Liberating yourself through self-compassion, self-acceptance and nervous system regulation.”


anessa Fernandez is an executive coach and a triple certified Enneagram teacher. She was a featured speaker at the International Enneagram Association Global Conference, has been published in Enneagram Magazine and works with teams at companies such as Deloite, YouTube, Google, Kitces and more.

Her approach to coaching focuses on nervous system regulation, natural strength amplification and re-humanizing. She specializes in working with executive teams who are looking to shift corporate culture to a human first approach.

She is thrilled to get to bring life changing concepts such as: nervous system regulation, radical inclusivity of all parts and inner child work into corporations and people living in the ‘real world’. So often these seemingly spiritual or self-help approaches don’t feel like they fit in our daily lives, but by using somatic (body) practices and allowing my clients to feel into what these intellectual concepts mean for them right where they’re at, she has found incredible transformation possible at all levels.