“Don't wait for plans to be polished or perfect. Take sloppy, rapid action. Let your trusted advisors contribute to you.”

Dawn Andrews is the Founder and CEO of Free Range Thinking, a boutique Business Strategy Consultancy focused on helping founders and leaders of early stage start ups grow their businesses, their teams, their visibility, their reach, and their revenue.

While growing successful businesses her clients have helped build schools in Africa, helped end Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and delivered Oscar, Emmy and Tony award winning performances that moved and inspired audiences worldwide.

She also helps her clients improve every aspect of their lives (both personally and professionally) by creating growth strategies, improving communication skills and leadership performance, while incorporating organizational effectiveness.

She is also the Founder of the Free Range Thinking Non-Profit Accelerator, a pro-bono incubation program helping the leaders of nascent non-profits sustain, grow, and thrive, so they can continue impacting their communities and the world.

Dawn has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Network, CBS, CNN, and VH1. Bottom line?  Dawn can help you become a visible and extraordinary leader in your field.