“When people try to take advantage of you, protect yourself. Building rapport and detecting deception will do just that.”

Lena is an Expert at detecting deception and equipping people to turn it into truth and action. Alongside its founder (Janine Driver), she’s the Senior Train-the-Trainer Instructor at the Body Language Institute in Washington, D.C. Her cred jumps off the page: the author of “You’re Lying! Secrets From an Expert Military Interrogator to Spot the Lies and Get to the Truth,” she’s certified in Instructional Systems Design (and more industry-specific paths), and a keynote speaker to professionals across various global industries.

Her background? Lena is a former Department of Defense (DoD) certified Military Interrogator and Naval Intelligence Officer who served in the Global War on Terror. She is the recipient of the Joint Service and the Navy/Marine Corp Commendation and Achievement Medals.

In 2013, Lena started her own company, The Congruency Group, LLC, in order to offer organizations specialized consulting and training services in the areas of; body language, non-accusatory interviewing and interrogation, deceptive analysis (both verbal and nonverbal), enhanced communication and leadership skills, conversational elicitation techniques and elicitation countermeasures. In 2016, Lena was featured in a CNN article for her two coaching programs on detecting deception and overcoming communication challenges for Mindsail, an iPhone and Android application. At Campowerment, she delivers hard-hitting tools to better understand what people are actually saying when they’re saying nothing at all. Lena teaches Campers how the body talks, and what to do about it in relentless pursuit of truth and productivity.