“An astrology chart is like a car owner's manual. It tells not what the car will do, but how it is configured.”

“An astrologer is like a diagnostic technician who checks under your hood to see how you are wired. An experienced astrologer is a mechanic for your soul.”

Leslie McGuirk is an internationally recognized Astrologer with more than 30 years experience. Her most recent book, “The Power of Mercury,” published by Harper Collins, can help you understand Mercury Retrograde to unlock the astrological secrets of communication, to help you improve relationships with yourself and others.

Leslie’s a workshop presenter at five-star resorts from The Golden Door Spa (CA), The Red Mountain Spa (Utah) and Rancho La Puerta (Mexico) to Paul Gauguin Cruises. She teaches classes on astrology and webinars on how to read astrology charts, to students worldwide.

At Campowerment, Leslie will show us the how and why of astrology to help us shed light on who we are and how we communicate based on the sign we were born under.

Watch her TED Talk.