“How can you flourish in one area of your life & flounder in another? Let's get in to it.”

Aisha is a PA-based psychotherapist with two Master’s degrees from Bryn Mawr College’s Graduate Schools of Social Work and Social Research, and featured by The Washington Post, SELF, WebMD and Thrive Global.

She sees clients of all ages, and teaches other therapists the tools they need to help their own clients extract the confidence that is buried under the heavy layer of anxiety that can stop them in their tracks.

Aisha shares with clients tools to help them see how their anxiousness might be holding them back, she helps them learn new ways to make decisions without second guessing, and teaches how they can use an empowered voice for themselves and to advocate for others who don’t have the courage to use their own true voice – or don’t know how to find it.

Aisha is known for helping people stop apologizing for who they are NOT and express their confidence without arrogance, or conceit.

And, Aisha shares, once they can learn how to do that, and identify how their own anxiety holds them back, they can discover how to genuinely express themselves in a new way. That, she says, is the key to building and maintaining relationships that matter.