“Getting more women to think of themselves as investors will result in getting the kinds of companies women value funded in greater numbers.”

Jessica Millstone, MPS, Ed.M, is a leading expert and advisor on the use of educational technology, and an investor in early-stage technology companies. Prior to launching Copper Wire Ventures, a venture capital fund focused on direct investments into women-led tech companies, Jessica was Director of Engagement at BrainPOP and also the inaugural Education Fellow at the Joan Ganz Cooney Center, a research + innovation lab within Sesame Workshop.

A long-time relationship with a family office interested in supporting women entrepreneurs helped get her launched in the world of venture investing. She’s excited to work equally hard on providing early-stage capital to companies in her area of expertise – edtech – as she is finding and supporting women-led companies in emerging areas of tech integration (fintech, femtech, etc) as well.

Getting more women to see themselves as qualified venture investors is another passion, and she participates in as many women-led communities of angel and VC investors as possible to expand her network and recruit allies to her mission of increasing funding to women-led businesses!