“Change the story, and pursue the truth relentlessly, always.”

During her 30 year career in journalism, Mercedes Soler visited more than thirty countries and criss-crossed the Americas, discovering incredible terrestrial and spiritual things from all kinds of people.

For 18 years, Mercedes was a reporter, correspondent and investigative journalist at Univisión, the largest Spanish language TV network in the US. She’s reported from all corners of Latin America, anchored and moderated in-depth network programs, while helping her husband manage their own group of radio stations in southwest Florida. Mercedes has interviewed Latin American presidents and the FBI’s most wanted Colombian kingpin, celebrities like Eva Longoria and Antonio Banderas. Across Latin America, she’s known for her analytical process and her penchant for women’s empowerment on a global level.

On her spiritual leap: In 1994, on her first trip to Machu Picchu, Mercedes had a mystical experience that turned her world upside down. “I was an atheist, a trained correspondent that saw the world in black and white, yes and no, good or bad, with no exceptions. I came home questioning my entire view of the world and in true investigative form, researching to disprove my own experiences based on western science and belief systems. I failed. But connected with Spirit.”

Her spiritual journey continues to unfold. For the past 25 years, Mercedes has studied and trained with shamans and mystics in the altiplanos of South America.  Mercedes shares her global wisdom AND channeling her shamanic gift of spirituality, by leading powerful despacho ceremonies.

Two fun facts: Mercedes “Mercy” Soler co-authored a book with Campowerment founder Tammi Leader Fuller, and has a long history and friendship with this movement since its inception. In fact, she’s one of the members of the founding Board of Directors for our sister non-profit Give Her Camp!