“For me, being trans isn't about hormones or pronouns or identity. It's quite simply having the audacity to live a full life, to no longer shrink who I am, to embrace all that I am. It's the most radical act of self-love I could've ever imagined.”


shawndeez, Ph.D. (they/them) is a trans scholar who has long pondered how queer and trans people experience divine power and mystical connection, specifically as a form of spiritual healing. After pursuing this scholarship for years, they now realize the answer to some of life’s deepest questions are in fact, not in books, but in the wild and rich terrain of everyday life. They now act as a public speaker, gender consultant, and spiritual guide. shawndeez received their Ph.D. in Gender Studies from UCLA.

They created and led courses on Trans Magic, Queer & Trans Muslim Feminisms, and Power: QTPoC Resistances. While at UCLA, shawndeez also served on the Trans Wellness Team for three years, working with a collective of medical doctors and mental health professionals to provide gender-affirming healthcare to trans students across the University of California system. Now, shawndeez practices as a public speaker and inspirational soul, who holds workshops, gives lectures, as well as holds private spiritual guidance sessions. They’ve held talks for Google, UCLA, USC, among many other university, activist, and corporate settings.

When they get a moment to themselves, they’re likely hiking in the mountains of Colorado, obsessing over their vegetable garden, or cooking something delicious for their wife and baby. shawndeez is currently most excited for their newest adventure – becoming a parent! This step has inspired them to begin offering one-on-one support for parents and elders of trans and gender non-conforming people who seek guidance in reimagining their relationship to their child. If you are interested in learning more, please visit their website.