“What you give power to ultimately has power over you.”

For the past 35 years, Shelly Fisher has been building successful businesses, and paying that forward through Philadelphia-based philanthropies and social impact ventures.

Her latest, One Tough Bitch, evolved organically in 2018, after Shelly spent a year quietly battling cancer for the second time, reminding herself of her strength from a necklace she had made for herself, emblazoned with the words “One Tough Bitch.”

The Author of “Breaking Sad: what to say after loss, and what not to say”, Shelly is on a quest to help struggling women tap into the strength and power that sometimes lies hidden, but always pushes them through whatever the challenge.

At camp, Shelly can help you find ways to access the Tough Bitch who’s waiting to be called into action. She’s closer than you think…