“Sexuality is vulnerability in action. Understanding your sexuality in a holistic lens is the final frontier of self-development and exploration.”

Dr. Juliana is the “girl next door” (with a Ph.D.) — she’s always up for a down and dirty conversation about sexuality and intimacy.

As a credentialed therapist, academic, and a bonafide (S)expert, Dr. Juliana has spent decades counseling and supporting thousands of individuals on their paths to discover and own their sexual agency.

Having traversed her own journey through love, loss, motherhood, and the world of academics, Dr. Juliana has come to understand that ownership over one’s own sexuality is the at the foundation of every fulfilled and confident person. She has developed a clear, action-driven method to help people of all backgrounds discover their own path to authenticity through holistic sexuality. 

Dr. Juliana is a certified by Betty Dodson as a BodySex Workshop facilitator and offers tons of tips, insight and support through coaching, therapy, online courses and in-person experiences or becoming your own (s)expert.