“Sexuality is vulnerability in action. Understanding your sexuality in a holistic lens is the final frontier of self-development and exploration.”

Dr. Juliana is that friend who knows a hell of a lot about sex and sexuality, doesn’t make you feel awkward, allows you space to be seen and heard and has decades of experience doing so. A PhD, two professional licenses, and a passion for empowering others to find a deeper, more meaningful sexual connection to themselves and others gives her the foundation to need to do what she does.

Historically sex hasn’t been easy(or fun) to talk about. Changing that is truly Dr. Juliana’s life’s work.

Dr. Juliana has written a sex-positive education program for Planned Parenthood and run a halfway house for women in recovery. She’s worked with a group home for sexual abuse survivors, and sexual abusers. She’s been a therapist with families and couples and a clinical director at a university’s counseling center. She’s spread her sex positive message all over the world. 

Having traversed her own journey through love, loss, motherhood, and the world of academics, Dr. Juliana has come to understand that ownership over one’s own sexuality is the at the foundation of every fulfilled and confident person. She has developed a clear, action-driven method to help people of all backgrounds discover their own path to authenticity through holistic sexuality. 

Dr. Juliana is a certified by Betty Dodson as a BodySex Workshop facilitator and offers tons of tips, insight and support through coaching, therapy, online courses and in-person experiences or becoming your own (s)expert.

Within Campowerment’s gates, she helps campers get intimate with their own vulnerability and power.