“Learn to take the heat, and welcome to my kitchen!”

After pouring her heart into Miami’s public school system for two years with Teach for America, Eliana was hungry for a change, so she followed her nose to NYC and the International Culinary Center. Funny enough, before becoming a chef, this creative teacher could barely find her way to the oven! In the years since, Eliana’s worked in Food Network and Saveur Magazine’s Test Kitchens, and assisted with Culinary Production. In 2015, she switched over to the business side with a marketing stint with the Food Network & Cooking Channel New York City Wine & Food Festival. Loving the flavor of her adventures, Eliana launched her own company- The Whole ELchilada- where she’s blended all her passions into one delicious culinary marketplace for recipes, cooking classes, private chef’n, and video tutorials! Eliana develops and tests all her family-friendly recipes and films a monthly cooking show to showcase her finger-licking good dishes! Eliana’s adult and children group cooking classes could be either private or group sessions where she teaches her sous-chefs how to become boss chefs! She’s no stranger to private chef’n either and whips up meals for her NYC clientele. At Campowerment, Chef El throws her flare into the kitchen with cooking demos of time-saving, almost-too-delicious recipes. Bonus: she cracks us up! Bonus: she cracks us up!