Fresh out of art school, at age 23, Jackie took a leap of faith & headed to New York City, fueled by her dreams of becoming an art world girlie.

During those early days, she managed to balance graduate studies at Pratt Institute while opening two art galleries in Brooklyn, working in the food industry & teaching art at Pratt, The Corcoran School of Art, & Virginia Commonwealth University.

Eight of those years were also passionately dedicated to nurturing young minds, specifically elementary school-aged children. she designed & led after-school & summer mindfulness programs, blending art & fitness, across the five boroughs of NYC.

Years ago, very sad & very burnt out, Jackie picked up her first singing bowl. (read full story via Since then, these bowls — & Jackie — have been on a HELL of a journey.

They’ve sung for sold-out arenas while on tour with Oprah Winfrey, to crowds at major music festivals, at Daybreaker, to the voice of Deepak Chopra, & to millions tuned into tracks via Audible, the Chopra app and Maloika. More recently they’ve sung for women she’s looked up to her whole life like Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga and Kate Hudson, and for dozens of other special brands & communities.

Jackie acted as Director of Sound for mass meditation movement, The Big Quiet I’ve had the privilege of bringing sound to some of largest meditations ever recorded, at some of the most iconic places on planet earth.

She’s currently serving as serve as resident sound practitioner for Chopra Global, Sage + Sound and Civana Wellness Resort. She’s Director of Medi Club, and co-founder (with Caleb Spaulding) of Sounds Nice. She’s also signed by Nike — a proud Nike Well Collective coach.

Jackie is passionate about spreading sound through teaching crystal singing bowls + offering group sound practitioner mentorship, with a focus on becoming an embodied leader. With Campowerment, she leads absolutely magical sound experiences, custom-tailored for special groups.