“Nurturing our inner beauty allows us to be our most beautiful self.”

A former dancer, with a 30+-year beauty industry pedigree that ranges from manicurist (she’s a best kept secret) to salon owner to corporate training trailblazer, this OG Campower Ranger is a beauty maven.

Lia’s passion for beauty isn’t typical. Her focus is to encourage, inspire and elevate from the inside out. She believes (she knows) that beauty is much more than skin deep and “true beauty glows from within.” Beauty is to be shared, at camp (on and offline), Lia is excited teach the idea of accepting the beauty we possess, embracing our inner beauty and radiating that out for ourselves and those around us. To view our bodies in the mirror, loosen up our critical eye and show ourselves the grace and love we deserve.

Lia’s beauty journey has inspired her to develop her soon-to-be realized non-profit BEAUTY TRANSCENDS that will focus on uplifting unhoused, sheltered and fostered women and girls through free hands on haircare services, product distribution and community outreach on a national scale.

You’ll recognize her at camp and in photos & video — she’s the woman with the wings on 😉