“It’s so beautiful how you never truly know the beauty you hold.”


Raegan’s claim to fame ’round the Campowerment campfire: she’s summer camp besties with Ranger Megan Weissman. We love that she absolutely loves connecting with others and learning about things she’s unfamiliar, which makes camp her perfect playground!

As a working model in Los Angeles, Raegan digs that she has time to pour into her passion and first love: dance. In addition to modeling, she’s have been trying her hand as a professional dancer in LA over the last 3 years, dabbling in hip-hop, heels, and many more genres — the flavors of all of which she’ll bring to camp to share with you!

Raegan’s always been called to stage performances, playing a character and the arts of all forms. She’s so excited to bring you out of your comfort zone and groove into the moonlight 🙂