“You really do have all your answers but you may have forgotten. Get quiet and listen. They are there.”

Susie is a certified Robbins-Madanes (RMT) and Strategic Intervention Coach.  Her passion is helping clients harness their intuition as a catalyst for their own growth.  She provides the techniques and tools for clients to create the life they truly want.

After losing her father to suicide and navigating a divorce, Susie was forced to reexamine her life. She became a self-proclaimed “transformation junkie” – Reading 100’s of books and attending classes, workshops and retreats in search of guidance and purpose.

After 20+ years her journey inward has taught her that true fulfillment and joy comes from the inside out. Clients have benefited from her coaching sessions in the areas of purpose, creativity, finance, health, relationships, fun, spiritual growth, compassion and career.  Her goal is for each client to create a life that feels more in balance with what they want for themselves based on the guidance they receive from within.

Prior to becoming a life coach she was the Director of Operations at Inner-City Arts in downtown Los Angeles, CA where she created the space and resources for inner-city youth to connect with their intuition through multiple art making modalities including visual, performing and media arts. Susie has had several careers and what she knows for sure is that as she has changed, what she wants in her life has changed.  

If you sense that who you are and what you want today seems different than who you were and what you wanted in the past – you’re probably right. Trust your instinct to pursue your truth. Join Susie to get more in touch with how.