“The only meaningful thing we can offer one another is love. Not advice, not questions about our choices, not suggestions for the future, just love. ~Glennon Doyle”

For more than a decade, Beth has balanced her career with being a single mother of two, and through much trial and error has found creative ways to navigate the hustle and balance that’s important for both roles.

In 2010, she founded VIVID Workplace (HQ: Burlington, VT!) to offer a variety of tools to businesses and individuals striving for excellence. VIVID Workplace offers strategic, as well as tactical HR solutions and support; professional development and career coaching; project management and strategic planning facilitation.

For two decades prior to establishing VIVID Workplace, Beth worked in the Human Resources space in many diverse industries. Over time she discovered that her passion is to lift others up in all ways; particularly women who, unfortunately, need additional advocacy to achieve their goals. Her dream is that someday she will work herself out of this job because gender equity will have progressed in a meaningful way through her contributions. And then maybe she’ll write a book….

Meantime, to reflect the dynamic environment we’re experiencing, Beth has expanded the VIVID Workplace scope to support individuals and organizations as they reimagine employee engagement and communication in a mostly virtual setting. With this comes new challenges and opportunities, and Beth is thrilled to help others navigate these uncharted waters, drawing on her deep experience as an Executive Leader in a pandemic environment. Committed to the priorities of People, Planet and Profit, she works with values-led organizations and business leaders to optimize organizational culture and impact.

P.S. In her leisure time, Beth enjoys gardening year-round (which in Vermont is quite a feat!). Beth is a plant lover through and through, and her hobbies include landscape gardening, houseplant nurturer (ok, obsessive plant collector), and miniature garden creator. She lives with her two offspring and her dog, Phoebe, in Burlington.