“Live in the pause.”

Meryl Russo is a certified coach for women in life transitions, a grief group facilitator and creator of LiveInThePause; everyday tools to live a freer life, one pause at a time.

A self-professed seeker, Meryl has been a student of human behavior for over 30 years. In her coaching, workshops and groups, Meryl stands in one central truth of humanity: that we all want to matter and be “seen.”  She believes we are born with an internal GPS, a knowing, an aliveness and a desire to connect.  When we “see” ourselves, we can “see,” connect and be of service to others. What derails us is the internal chatter and stories we tell ourselves; our limiting beliefs. Through compassionate listening, kindness and impactful tools, Meryl shares an inside-out practice to pause, recalibrate and help us get out of our own way.