“When a group of people gather, all looking for answers outside, they seem to reflect back the answers they see.”

Graduate of Fordham University, Masters in Social Work, Community Based Leadership and Practice. Caitlin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Heart-Centered Hypnotherapist and has been working in client services for 17 years. Weaving together intuitive wisdom, evidence based research, mindfulness practices, and practical strategies for creative, courageous, and compassionate individual and community change. Her background is in non-profit management and community program development of mental health services. In 2018, she founded The Soul School, her private practice treating individuals and couples and leading workshops around the world, in whole-hearted living virtually and in person. She believes we all have the answers within to transform our lives; she is simply a guide through your subconscious mind on your journey back “home” to your intrinsically confident and accepting self. It’s time to embody yourself fully to create the necessary adjustments needed to reach your goals. Caitlin is also the mother to Benjamin who is just about to turn 11! Holy Cow!