“Before you can speak up FOR yourself, you must learn how to speak up TO yourself. I can help.”

Can you imagine a life in which you are able to treat yourself with kindness and compassion? Able to discover the roots of your pain and learn new, healthy ways of approaching daily difficulties? One in which you don’t use alcohol, substances or unhealthy behaviors to cope with your pain?

Whether you are new to therapy and curious about how therapy can benefit you, or are returning to healing, Olga can help. All that is needed to start this process is a willingness to be curious about your life, the first step to initiating change.

Olga specializes in the interactive, experiential Gestalt practice to bring increased self-awareness of perceived issues away from the past and into present-centeredness. Gestalt therapy helps clients focus on what’s actually happening in their lives right now, shifting their mind’s eye to the present to understand how they feel in the moment, rather than emote around what they may assume to be happening based on past experiences. It focuses on boosting self-communication tools to help improve a relationship to self and to get closure on unfinished business. Essentially, Olga uses Gestalt to facilitate internal processing through guided group teaching.

As a Queer woman it’s especially important to Olga that you know her practice is LGBTQI+ affirming and welcomes individuals from all walks of life. As an immigrant from Ukraine, she also enjoys working with those who would like to explore the complexities of identifying as a multicultural individual