“Every dream takes us, step-by-step, deeper into ourselves and helps us return to our soul selves.”

Amy is an Archetypal Dreamwork Therapist who can help you connect with the subconscious part of our brains where dreams come from.

She’s spent the last ten years helping her clients unravel the unique and mysterious world of their dreams…through a deeper understanding to wake up feelings that have been buried: feelings we need to feel in order to heal.

Dreams are specifically formed for you and you alone, while you sleep, offering insight, guidance, and understanding for the countless stories that unfold in the theater of your mind, crafted by the wisdom of your heart. Dream medicine works from the inside, out, offering change on both the inner and outer level.

Archetypal Dreamwork can lay out a spiritual path to awakening, and can offer insights to help uncover blocks and negative patterns which are points of struggle or suffering, presenting experiential and practical tools for changing those patterns. Amy’s excited to be in conversation with a community of creative, curious people about YOUR dreams and dream life at-large!