“Creating psychic healing superheroes”

The birth of Garz’s gifted son inspired her to develop as a healer, psychic and medium, in order to empower and guide him through his extrasensory talents.

A Chinese Energy Healing practitioner, Garz has studied — and is certified in — 21 different modalities: Chinese Energy Healing ~ Kundalini Yoga ~ Kundalini Activation DNA Theta Healing ~ Aroma Touch ~ Innergetics ~ Light Language Akashic Records ~ Quantum Touch ~ 5th Dimensional Quantum Healing Pranic Healing ~ The Emotion Code ~ Star Magic Healing Reconnection Healing ~ Bengston Method ~ Quantum Healing ~ Astral Travel Master I.E.T. ~ Psychic Mediumship ~ Master NLP ~ MAP

Garz is excited to be a part of the huge wave of practitioners who are bringing energy healing to the masses. She says, “We get to leave a legacy which helps our children shape a different future to the one we have been raised in. When we heal, our whole entire lineage heals.”

With Campowerment, Garz is playing in the spiritual realm to expand our campers’ perspective, belief and possibilities!