“Use all your senses. Lend your ear to your own intuition. Watch your world expand.”

Lisa is a TV Producer-turned-college professor who grew up in a family of spiritual advisers. As an adult, Lisa, too, found the gift within her, and she’s been honing it for 25 years, including a brief stint in Hong Kong, where Lisa became internationally recognized as a Tarot Card Reader with a big gift.

She comes to Campowerment to work with Campers about how to hone in on that intuition that can — and should — be a partner in the decisions we make every day.

Lisa teaches women how to trust their instincts and how to discern when spirit guides and angels are trying to get your attention. She’ll also teach you how to reach out to them and then decipher their advice. Lisa can help you tap into your psychic gifts so you’ll be reading energy before you leave her Circle.