“We are here to wake up, and then to wake up the world. ”


Olivia’s mystical and metaphysical experiences began in her youth and deepened through a series of spontaneous awakenings that created a total shift in perception and a realization of her ability to heal with her hands.

She then met spiritual teachers who helped her cultivate her ability to see through material reality, to perceive telepathically and at a distance, to channel, and to perform energy healing and spiritual healing. With both undergraduate and Masters degrees from Columbia University (Masters in Clinical Psychology), experience in study at Union Theological Seminary, and certifications as a Reiki Master and Reiki teacher, Life Coach, and a facilitator of Family Constellation and Spiritual Constellation work, Olivia’s life is now a dedication to awakening humanity, through offering herself of service to ultimate Love.

Through her ability to see past the human ego straight to soul, she helps reflect people’s true self back to them so that they can finally find it, feel it, and own it: and be who they truly are.

Olivia firmly believes that the solution for the suffering in our world is the awakening of humanity out of trauma conditioning, and into remembrance of the truth of the soul, which is Love. As each of us heal and awaken, we can then help others do the same. Together we build a wave of Love that leads the world into its greatest potential that we have all been desperately yearning for, and dreaming of.

Olivia is honored to support this community of powerful, inspired, and courageous women who are ready to dive deep, unshackle the bullshit, welcome in vulnerability, celebrate authenticity, radically forgive, courageously reach for deep connection, and get loud with being your truest self, and expressing your greatest gifts.

Through her private practice as a healer she perceives each person’s unique soul emanation, as well as the core conditioning patterns that have been blocking the soul from fully coming forth. She then helps people release those patterns and gain access to their greatest radiance – their home frequency – so that the soul can shine fully and freely.