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Family Cookbook

by Tammi Leader
 ∙ Mar 15 ∙ 3 Min Read

In the corner of my parents’ South Florida kitchen stands a tall, thin bookshelf with about a dozen bound books that hold tradition and not just our own — that of our synagogue, of my mom’s various women’s leagues, of her favorite local org (Citizens Interested in Arts — “I’m a member of the CIA” she used to say proudly), and of the PTAs of each and every child and grandchild’s school. 

What I mean that is we have a whole lot of humidity-worn, oil and sauce stained, love-filled pages of recipe books compiled by some talented people — women, mostly — that have, in some way, been a part of our family’s evolution…Or part of something that was a part of it, at least. Today, decades after they were published, we still use their recipes, many from memory by now.

Our family loves things like this — ways to honor people we care about…Those we know meant something to someone we love. It feels special that a community to which we belong(ed) brought – or maybe still brings – our family’s recipes into their kitchens. My mom’s friends kids’ still make “aunt joan’s chicken” or her noodle pudding, and it feels so warm and fuzzy to know our family’s traditions have been weaved into their lives.  

As you’ve likely figured out by now, the nostalgia — the extension of legacy — we just eat that sh*t up.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Why I’m sharing this with you now

In continuing to (always) develop Campowerment’s recipe for deep, joyful, affirming connection, we decided to cook up a project to bring this classic ritual to this community.

 The Campowerment community touches lots of cultures, lots of corners of the world, lots of stories from heritages unique to each lineage of the women who come through camp’s gates. The rich fabric of the women who make up this extended family makes for a delicious excuse to share and participate in one another’s traditions, new or age-old.

Let’s make a recipe book together!

. . . . . . . . . . . .

The Campowerment Cookbook: How it works

We’ll ask you — now through April 1 — to submit your favorite recipe(s)…something you love for its taste and/or its story —  HERE. Then, we’ll compile all the submissions, and get it out into the world (and back to you as a collection!) shortly thereafter. 

If you’re reading this (hi!), then you have a seat at this communal table…and our next meal is a potluck…what will you bring? Whatever that is, tell us the recipe(s) and the story behind it if there is one (or more) — HERE, by April 1. 

Sending love and special sauce — actually a killer recipe for salad dressing, which I’ll share in the book…From the campfire & beyond!

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