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From Behind the Lens – Classic Camp #25 – Nov 2021

by Jules Rose
 ∙ Nov 19 ∙ 4 Min Read

Dear Campowerment community,

Where do I begin? We’ve been through a lot together. A fire, a pandemic, world turmoil, and our silent battles within ourselves…always alongside each other.

I’m fortunate and grateful that our physical bodies were able to gather in such a sacred place last weekend. I saw many faces I’ve seen before, and many I had not.

I witnessed us converging in this perfect chaos of release, laughter, encouragement, unlearning, relearning, honesty, boldness, curiosity, wonder, sadness, fear, and love.

I saw all of that through my lens and heart. 

As said before, we were all there on purpose, the Universe revealing its intent slowly but surely. My job at Campowerment is to preserve that chaos as a reference for how far we’ve progressed over the years as a community, and as individuals. We’ve started and will continue the work to bring this world into a higher vibration- a place where each person can live as they actually are in all their glory and radiance without fear. Many of you saw that in me this weekend. 

It’s true.

I’ve been on a wild journey the last 3 years, expanding and contracting throughout experiences, emotions, and thoughts. I figured out who I am and who I am becoming.

There was a moment during Shirin’s dreaming workshop that I saw myself 5 years from now, then at one of Sussy’s meditations I saw myself at 84 years old. Each time I saw someone different looking, but still the same insides. My body and mind were singing in harmony.

I feel as though I’ve lived a thousand lifetimes and this one is my last. My soul feels like an eagle taking flight, my ancestors in the wind pushing me to my last destination- home. Home with people I love and that love me deeper than any I’ve ever felt. I know it’s my final lifetime because I’ve seen how far my ripples have spread out- that without truly knowing I’ve inspired people I don’t even know, people that are older than me, younger than me, and wiser than me.

The book of my final lifetime is only in the middle- the next chapter is in new skin. It’s been a painful shedding, and this weekend I shook off the last piece.

Thank you for seeing my expansive fullness, exactly as I am.

If I have but one purpose this lifetime it’s that I hope I’ve inspired you to feel the same.  

It’s something we’ll always have to strive for together…While I was photographing Grandy in one of her journaling workshops, she said our lives are this great painting that we are constantly reworking and creating. It’s something I refer back to all the time, remembering I am the artist of my own work of art.

Please bring me in and reach out if you’re interested in learning more about my photo offerings. Whether it’s a personal portrait, headshots, family gatherings, or career moments- I am here to show you how you look at your best, to capture your essence! I can be contacted at 631-875-0400 or

I am in the process of rebranding and will reach out to you with my new email and website. In the meantime, follow me on Instagram @humanflowerproductions.

Some of you know I am currently working on a photography project that features a portrait series of other Trans and Gender Non Conforming folks such as myself. If you’d like to learn more about this project and/or donate, please visit

I will be hosting our first fundraiser event in Brooklyn, NY at All Night Skate on December 19, 2021- I will be sending out flyers before the end of next week. I hope to see all who can make it!!

Thank you again for all your support and love over the years or for the first time. Thank you for sharing yourselves with me. 

I love you.  

From my soul to yours,
Jules Rose


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