Mith the vision of summer camp — Tammi’s childhood “happy place” — and the relationships with leading experts she’d collected in her 34 years as a Television Producer, Tammi created Campowerment to inspire a world of connected people, and three years later, founded Give Her Camp to extend the reaches of the untraditional education her movement can provide to to people who could soar with access to the transformation…camp-style.

In 2013, Tammi made the career switch out of her Senior Supervising Producer role for EXTRA TV and Lifechangers (Warner Brothers/Telepictures. See Lisa Gregorisch-Dempsey, below.), where she collaborated with 100+ leaders in health, wellness, love, parenting, addiction, life management, productivity, and business coaching. She spent the previous three decades covering network news for NBC’s Today Show, NBC News (see: Peter Greenberg, below), CBS News, and America’s Most Wanted. In 2005, Tammi partnered with five accomplished South Florida business women — known together as the “Miami Bombshells” — to co-author “Dish and Tell” (Harper Collins; see: Mercedes Soler, above), a book of anecdotes to help women understand that they are not alone in the struggle to juggle all that life throws their way. In a strange way, all roads led to Campowerment, and, when the time was right in her career, it seemed the world was ready.

Through Give Her Camp, she’s ready to take this movement to every single woman who wants in on the magic but, without the added support, might have missed out. She’s beyond excited to be building this around but completely independent from the business and to explore all avenues that open up with some of the smartest people she has ever worked (and played) with.