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Happy Mother’s Day: A Note from Grandy

by Campowerment Crew
 ∙ May 12 ∙ 3 Min Read

Before Campowerment, I thought I had my life very together. I was proud of the life I had created and the family that surrounded me. But now, I am so connected to so many of wonderful, kind and insightful women, I feel fulfilled in a way had never thought possible.

Whenever I call people, and ask if they can talk, most people say, “Grandy, I always have a minute for you.”

So now I ask that this community I love take a minute for me (again!), so I can give you some “motherly advice” that I hope you will take.

Through leading journaling workshops at Campowerment, and through my own life, I’ve come to realize that in this world of tech we live in, many people are forgetting about the importance and beauty of the written word.

Writing a letter to a child, grandchild or friend on a birthday, graduation or for no reason at all is a great way to pass down your legacy. When those letters get passed along, it creates a powerful connection that stretches across generations and transcends time.

Whenever people tell me they can’t write, I tell them, “of course you can!” Think of something you’d like to say to a loved one. Write it down, put a date on it, and put it in an envelope. One day, it will bring that person joy.

In honor of Mother’s Day, I dedicate this note to you:

More than five years ago, when Tammi conceived this phenomenal idea that we know as Campowerment, I was delighted to jump aboard and join forces with her to get this project off the ground. It has become an incredible three-generation family business, with Chelsea as the other boss!

These years, with my title being “Good Will Ambassador,” have been most memorable for me. I have added many of you to my “tribe”— or as my generation used to call it, my “family of choice” — that is made up of very special women, and I hope I’ll stay around for a very long time enjoying all of our outstanding connections by love, if not by birth!

I’d like to remind everyone that although we are living in a disposable society, not all things go in the trash. Handwritten notes are not garbage fodder; they deserve a special home in a box somewhere that you can visit whenever you’re missing a loved one.

Thank you for my minute. I love you all.

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