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How to Enjoy this Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

by Leslie McGuirk
 ∙ Mar 12 ∙ 2 Min Read

The stars are aligned!  Mercury (the planet that rules communication) is Retrograde from now until March 28th. This Mercury Retrograde is in Pisces, the sign known for being dreamy, sensitive and imaginative. 

Since the fish symbol for Pisces, has them going in opposite directions, it totally fits with the energy of what Mercury Retrograde is all about.   During this retrograde, we are all supposed to be doing things to reflect, reorganize, and recalibrate ourselves to fit with the changing times.

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces makes it even more powerful, since that Zodiac sign most closely represents what the whole experience is supposed to be about… can move in other directions!  

You don’t always have to go forward. In fact, switching up your patterns of movement is very healthy, so use this time as a hugely beneficial way to clear the way for big changes when Mercury goes direct.

For good measure, here are a couple of ways to keep your head on straight no matter while Mercury does what Mercury does:

1. Know yourself: Check out my book and the website for it THE POWER OF MERCURY. If you were born during a Mercury retrograde period, retrograde is your prime time!  Both have tables  that tell you whether or not you were born during Mercury Retrograde.  It also will tell you about your Mercury sign, which is far better at describing a person than the normal Sun sign approach, which most horoscopes read from.

2. Know Mercury: If things are feeling funky, visit to see what’s happening with Mercury. If it’s retrograde, breathe a deep breathe and carry on with caution, knowing a little mental adjustment to a wonky time can do your productivity wonders.

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