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How to Start to Play the Game

by Campowerment Crew
 ∙ Feb 4 ∙ 2 Min Read

Think: where in my life, big or small, is there a hot spot that makes me feel not-so-awesome?

Ask yourself: what might happen if I took some space, some time, with nothing else to do but this, to really look at what feels like this enormous challenge I’m facing and dig in to assess what’s really up? (This is the beginning of what it’s like to map out a dream.)

Then, do it: commit to 1 day (or even half a day, to start) with no distraction. Go outside or go to a bookstore where no one knows you (shout out to Grandy, the bibliophile who’s so hoping there are still bookstores where you live…) or go to the beach or make your own backup plan: sit in a parking lot with an OK view in your car with some jazz or elevator music on! Whatever you need to do to get some space.

Take a notebook: and allow yourself to talk to yourself (this part’s funny), and go: purge thoughts. Allow disorder. Dump it all. Don’t hold back. Write statements and questions and allow your soul to catch up to your brain. This will give you a place to start. It will help you get unhidden. It will help you find a place from which to begin to seek.

Next: read your notes, twice, and mark up where your words seem out of whack with what you want for yourself, who you want to be. Gain perspective on what’s going on in your head, what that may mean about what’s going on in your life, and why.

End your session: with a list of actions to help take you out of overwhelm and into a plan. Keep it simple: 5 things, to start, that could help you apply your newfound awareness to shifting your input, and thus, shifting life’s output. Sit there in all of it until you’ve made a to-do list that will help you seek from this place of perspective.

Last: make a promise with a tangible date to revisit it all.


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