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I’ll Be There To CREATE

by Jules Rose
 ∙ Jan 27 ∙ 4 Min Read

In numerology 2017 is a universal 1 year. 1 is the number of beginnings; a time for expressing uniqueness. And while I think numerology is neat, I’m taking a creative approach to interpreting that takeaway, because my 1 was 2016, when my path crossed with Campowerment, and life’s theme song got even more upbeat. If that’s to be true, then maybe the 1 means 2017 is the beginning of my next chapter: beyond the Campowerment Crew and into the throes of this very special community that I’ve been lucky enough to capture on film since last September.

Let’s take a step back…I’m Juliet Rose, and I’m the Campowerment Photographer.

Juliet Rose Dombrowski

I came to the September 2016 retreat in the Poconos through a friend of a former colleague, and from the branches of trees, canoes in a lake, and sometimes with my feet on the ground I captured moments like these

Juliet Campowerment pics 3Juliet Campowerment pics 1

In 2017, I’ll be at every retreat, snapping portraits, candids, group shots of you if you’re bold enough to be among the group of Campers that I can safely assume will impact my life in one way or another.

I love what I do in general, because capturing a person’s true essence and emotion is a gift; a gift that I feel compelled to share with the universe. I love my style because I break down barriers with clients who feel self-conscience, awkward, or corny. I somehow manage to bring out all of the complexities, or what I like to call, “The Magic in Everyday Life.” My images are made with 100% purpose, both visually apparent and hidden. Every piece I produce is a representation of my being because I am, “both visually apparent and [sometimes] hidden.” And this March, after the Malibu retreat March 10-13, I’m extending my time in LA to collaborate with you!

From March 14 to March 27, I’ll be in the Los Angeles area to CREATE; so I’m open for bookings in personal adventure portraits, headshots, family adventure portraits, business/social media/blog-styled shoots, and any other artistic collaborations you’re looking to get into.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Here’s the gist of what that looks like:
Personal and family portrait adventures are like mini extensions of what Campowerment represents…

Being PresentBEING PRESENT. It’s something I stress to every client before we head out on a shoot: Take this moment right now to soak in the sunlight. Pay attention to how it falls upon your face, your arms, your feet. If you’re with a loved one(s) take this time to spend with each other. How do they look right now in this very moment? Photographing people is entirely psychological, I’m here to document this experience. 





PLAYING. On adventure shoots I encourage you to chase your own shadow, sniff your lover’s hair, shout words of joy, hide-n-seek, and give silly kisses. 


BEING UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU. YOU are a work of art. I’m here to help tell a story of a particular moment of time in YOUR life.

Being You

EMBEDDING YOURSELF IN NATURE. I love to incorporate landscapes into my images. Nature is a life force all on it’s own and has the power to bring out the magic in a person’s soul. 

Embedded in nature

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Interested? Reach out to me at for rates & to exchange info and ideas!

After all that has happened in 2016, I am more excited for 2017 than any other time in my life. With this year being a 1, we will each have the chance to express our individual talents and desires to channel them into the greater good. And isn’t that what Campowerment is all about?

My favorite part of camp is seeing each of you come to your moment of clarity, witnessing your leap, and then stopping it in time for you to reflect upon in moments of doubt. I patiently await the new and familiar light the women of Campowerment bring into my lens and heart!

See you at the March retreat, and looking forward to connecting with you, as my girls at Campowerment say: from the campfire & beyond…

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