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Introducing One Tough Bitch

by Campowerment Crew
 ∙ Oct 12 ∙ 4 Min Read

Tammi says: I was already a chubby pre teen when I met Shelly Fisher in the summer of ’74 at Camp Akiba (back when she was “Shelly Lotman”), my childhood happy place. She was a year older and way cooler than I was, but we bonded.  Forty years later, she came to support Campowerment and brought all her friends to camp. Four times. I fell in love with all of them, and was once again reminded, there’s no one like Shelly.

She kicked cancer. Twice. She wrote a book on what not to say when someone is struggling. She helps more deserving young leaders get to college than anyone else I know. And now she’s inspiring women in a most unusual way, with the launch of The One Tough Bitch, while giving back a portion of the proceeds to support Give Her Camp, our 501c3 that sends inspiring women to Campowerment on scholarship.

Working with Shelly on this project, I am honored to be part of the OTB Founding Sisterhood, and thrilled to have One Tough Bitch as our first-ever Give Her Camp Giving Partner, benefiting from a portion of all profits made on OTB products.  Many of the Give Her Camp scholarship recipients, whether they know it or not, have already discovered the One Tough Bitch inside them to overcome adversity, and will fit right into the OTB sisterhood. And the more love and support we throw behind this movement, the more women we can help, together.

I believe I met Shelly all those years ago so we could one day come together to do this project. It was a match made in heaven…my heaven…which of course (duh), has always been camp.

Shelly says: When Tammi told me about Campowerment, the mission resonated with me at every level: camp, sisterhood, self education, and reenergizing women. And when I attended as camper, it was everything that I imagined it to be, and then some.

That’s exactly why connecting with Campowerment at the next level seemed like a natural fit when I launched One Tough Bitch last month. Born from my own experiences with breast cancer, and then another cancer diagnosis eight years later that left me in one of the lowest places I’ve been, One Tough Bitch were three words that got me through those dark times, engraved on a necklace that I wore facing me so no one could see it. Just knowing those words were there was enough to help me rally the inner power inside me and push through.

After being featured in a Modern Hero Facebook video and sharing the One Tough Bitch story, my phone kept ringing off the hook with my friends and family asking me where they too could get a necklace. Admittedly, I was a bit surprised, and it took me awhile to wrap my mind around the possibility. But the idea that I could share that physical reminder of inner power and strength with other women who were struggling inspired me to bring this to life.

I’m so thrilled to launch an online community and movement to support and remind women that they have the power to make it through another day. That even when we get knocked down, we always have the power, given time — no matter how long it takes —  to stand back up. I hope you’ll join us as I know full well that every single one of you has an inspiring story that is sure to touch someone, perhaps when she needs it most.

And I’m so proud of our One Tough Bitch products, which include our line of dual-sided bracelets and necklaces (like the one I had made for myself), as well as our signature jean jackets and other accessories, all of which help support Give Her Camp, with a portion of our proceeds going directly to help women experience the joy that is Campowerment. I hope you wear them proudly, whether the OTB is out, or facing in (like me), knowing that you’ve got everything you need to make it through within you.

I couldn’t imagine a better partnership: two friends who met at camp, coming together to help women find and reclaim their inner power. Let’s make some magic happen!

Here’s how you can join the One Tough Bitch movement: Your support means everything to us! Please become a member of The OTB Sisterhood Facebook Group , which provides daily support, encouragement, and inspiration. And nominate yourself  or someone else you know to be featured on our website and social media. We want to share your inspiring stories with the world. They need to be heard!


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