“I built my career in branding for movements before I realized we were building a brand that was already moving me and thousands of other people and companies. Sometimes, the most impactful work is right under your nose.”

Her skillset rounds out her partner’s in her focus on impact. Chelsea launched her career in brand strategy and digital storytelling for some kick-ass companies and movements (TOMS, NBC, The Nature Conservancy, 360i, Google). She cut her teeth by shaping brand identities for other companies while making a side-hustle of inventing this one with her family, thrilled at the idea of one day growing a team to have the privilege of evolving it.

Chelsea moved into a leadership role for Campowerment in 2014, laying the foundation for the community that exists here today.

Alongside some of her favorite humans on the planet, she comes at the business with a fresh Millennial perspective, out to prove that her generation actually cares about REAL connection.