“I built my career in branding for movements before I realized we were building a brand that was already moving me and thousands of other people and companies. Sometimes, the most impactful work is right under your nose.”

Chelsea launched her career in brand strategy and digital storytelling for some kick-ass companies and movements (TOMS, NBC, The Nature Conservancy, 360i, Google). Early in that journey, she found a specialty in animating brand identities for other companies while making a side-hustle of inventing this one with her family, thrilled at the idea of one day growing a team to have the privilege of evolving it.

In 2014, Chelsea joined full-time to harness the media attention we had been garnering at launch. Back then, we had focused on producing women’s retreats at upscale kids’ summer camps; now, it’s camp retreats, “Fancy Camps,” culture-affirming programs for companies and orgs, and an always-on digital community for women to learn, connect and grow, together!

Nurturing Campowerment’s growth, alongside the women who raised her, has been one of the greatest gifts of her lifetime thus far.

With a degree in Journalism and a decade of experience seeing brand-building through the lens of human connection and collective impact, Chelsea is in the process of birthing a second brand: Grand Exit, to enter all-out conversations about matters of life and death. 

Her career reminds her often that whatever we think we know lies ahead is a clever construct of the human imagination.