Megan is a 2022 graduate from the University of Oregon. After majoring in business her main goal throughout college, beyond taking as few accounting and finance classes as possible, was to end up working for a company she wholeheartedly believed in.

Besides her decade long experience in summer camp, in college, Megan poured her heart into an organization called Camp Kesem. Their main mission being to provide summer camp free to kids whose caregivers had or are currently dealing with cancer. Working on the public relations team as well as director for the organization as a whole, Megan learned that camp is something that never leaves you.  

Through the help of Meryl Russo (someone get this woman a medal) and her personal favorite camper *and mom* Jody Weissman, Megan found her way into the Campowerment community in the summer of 2021. Campowerment met her where she needed it. Not only providing wonderful internship experience but priceless life advice and a network of incredible people who have helped Megan grow beyond her wildest dreams. 

Now, Megan acts as Campowerment’s Community and Content Manager. Her main goal is to tell the stories that make up our community, nay family. And instill and nurture camp traditions this community can hold on to for years or even generations to come. Got a story to tell? Trick question: we all have one. Contact Megan and we’ll get it shared!