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Like Mother, Like Daughter: One Tough Bitch

by Joan "Grandy" Leader
 ∙ Jan 22 ∙ 2 Min Read

On August 25, 1959…

A bright ray of sunshine came into the little old Mt. Sinai hospital, a Tammi Jo entered this world. She never liked her name, and she’s never quite forgiven me for it. Oh well! She was little: 6 pounds 4 ounces when she was born, and 6 pounds 3 ounces when she came home from the hospital. We had a baby nurse, Naomi Lightbourne, help us around the house. When she looked at her, she said, “I have plucked bigger chickens” and we all laughed because she was smaller than a Publix chicken, and that was the beginning of a lifetime of happiness.

Who knew such a small little chicken would end up spreading the love of community and empowering so many to change the world?

Just 19 months later, ray of sunshine #2 arrived at 1321 15th St. Miami Beach. It was a one bedroom, one bath, small apartment, filled with happiness, love and cheer. Jook and I had fun learning the ways of parenthood. Two weeks later, when our meager budget had just about run out, Naomi had to leave. We were standing at the front door, Tammi, Naomi, Jodi and I, and as we were saying our goodbyes, Tammi suddenly started pulling on Naomi’s skirt and said, “you forgot to take your baby, you guys came together and you should leave together.” Another oh well!

About a year and a half later, as fun and frolic continued to grow in the Leader household, Grandy and Papa had a very important discussion. Should they jump in and have a 3rd child now or should they wait 4 or 5 years and have 2 more? Grandy said, “don’t think I want to wait.” By that time the kids will be too grown up and I won’t want to start over. So we jumped in and hit another bullseye when Randi Sue was born on October 5, 1962.

All these years later, the #1 child continues to rein forever. Can’t believe she’s turning 60. How could that be? Oh well!

Mama aka One Tough Bitch

P.S. You have to remember I was in the middle of Myasthenia Gravis Crisis when I wrote this.

Better P.S. From Your Daddy:

I’ll always have a special place in my heart for my first born, and though I don’t remember much, I could never forget her great pokies!

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