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Make Like MLK: Choose To Be Heard

by Courtney Fuller
 ∙ Jan 15 ∙ 3 Min Read

History. What an interesting concept. A collection of moments, shaped not just by the people in power, but also by the people who choose to build their own.

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History has a special relationship with choice: change-makers don’t get to choose the historical moment in which they live, but they do get to choose how they respond.


Martin Luther King, Jr. didn’t choose to grow up in a society that denied his people fundamental rights, but he opted to respond with grace, with beautiful determination and with a genuine belief that his actions could change the landscape upon which this nation was built.

And they did.

Yes, I’m aware that I’m writing this at a time when many of you feel more helpless than you’ve ever felt. Trust me, I work in the thick of progressive Washington where feelings of helplessness pervade my inner and outer circles. But one thing I cannot and will not lose sight of, especially now, is this:

Our voices, our bodies and our bonds have incredible power. The future of this country, and the world, depends upon the potential of that shared power, and whether or not we choose to use it.

Look around.

The Constitutional rights of millions are being publicly threatened by our elected leaders. Our president-elect is tweeting about the prospect of nuclear war. Americans have fewer voting protections than they did 50 years ago when MLK helped win us the landmark Voting Rights Act of 1965. Shootings are all-too-often wiping out innocent people. And people are scared.

Do I use my voice to stand for political activism? Absolutely. Does that have to be the route you take? Not if that’s not your jam.

But I guess I ask, at this interesting crossroads in our country… what is your jam? What do you care about so much that you’re moved to stand up and get loud about it? (Hint: you’ll know what it is when you feel like NOT standing up is NOT an option!)

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For what’s it’s worth, my two cents: It’s not only our privilege, but our responsibility as strong, gifted, supported and empowered people (and yes, I am referring to everyone who made it to this blog, because Campowerment is full of people…mostly women…just like this) to make the choice to put our collective power to the test and help the world around us grow along with us. Evidently, it couldn’t need us more.

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