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MaRcH iS HoT!

by Chelsea Leader Gold
 ∙ Feb 25 ∙ 3 Min Read

In a few weeks we’ll have seen the Earth spin around the sun for 1 full cycle while we’ve been hunkered down inside to keep ourselves and one another safe from a horrendous virus that’s ravaged too much.

More surface but also worth noting, it’s interrupted many opportunities to celebrate the little special moments that mark our being alive. We think (we hope) we’ve, as a collective, learned to count our blessings for all we DO have but also for the excuses we have to celebrate in the ways we can.

You’ll see on the Campowerment schedule this March that we’ve packed the house with said excuses. Every month hits high highs within our virtual community of expert-led programs powered by play, but March has s’more.

On the cal are game-changing sessions that create the space — the playground, really — for women to learn, connect and grow — AND some special events, like…

A Ritual Burn for International Women’s Day,

A legacy extravaganza for the (the late) Grandy’s 85th birthday,

a dance party that acts as an all-encompassing celebration for any milestone you didn’t get to ring in because of COVID since this time last year,

AND two new rituals we think you’re going to love

“Tell me more!”

On International Women’s Day (March 8) at 3:30pm EST/12:30pm PST we’ll collect your worries and torch that sh*t, to lighten the load for you to carry, as you take on a stronger stance against inequality and bias. Open to all womxn. Free.

If you’re not a member & you want to join, sign up here!

MEMBERS: Add this to your schedule, here!

. . .

On Grandy’s birthday (March 11) at 8pm EST/5pm PST, we’ll continue celebrating the best in all of us, with an honorary journaling sesh in Circle format — so we can deeply reflect and connect — and we’ll share memories of a woman who really understood that the Western woman would save the world. Open to all womxn. Free. 

If you’re not a member & you want to join, sign up here!

MEMBERS: Add this to your schedule, here!

. . .

On March 19 — right before Spring springs upon us — at 9:30pm EST/6:30pm PST we’ll sing happy birthday to literally everyone alive who shows up (because by now we’ve all had birthdays in quarantine…and some people are going on their second one), we’ll toast any anniversary, retirement, baby being born or whatever occasion you tell us you’re there to honor. Members only, but you can join us with a 2-week free trial, here!

MEMBERS: Add this to your schedule, here!

. . .

And we’ll introduce two new traditions for members of

(1) A Monthly Milestone Circle *and*
(2) A much-anticipated monthly Book Club (hosted by Campower Ranger Cathy Mudd, inspired by her shared love of books with Grandy).

Whew! Hope to catch you ’round the campfire in March!

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