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S’more Dares for the Decade

by Tammi Leader
 ∙ Jan 13 ∙ 5 Min Read

Yes, we’re already well into the new year, and especially because it’s a whole new decade, I’m guessing you’ve given a thought or two to switching up a few things in your life. Because, why wouldn’t you? 

Maybe I live in a tunnel, but I don’t know too many people right now who can honestly say every aspect of their life is exactly as they’ve dreamed it could be. 

How is the house of YOU holding up in this new year? Whether it needs a new coat of paint or an entire demolition team, there is no better time than right now to start sprucing up the parts of your life that no longer work for you, and can use a little attention. 

It’s never too late to create some new beginnings, even tiny ones.

Question #1: What’s your WORD for this year? If you haven’t thought about that, now might be the time to start:

Here’s a resource to help you along.

Renovation is my word for 2020 (see: last month’s musings), because I am committed to reconfiguring some parts of my life that just don’t work for me anymore. Change doesn’t happen by accident. It takes some work, and a plan.

2019 sucked for me. Our business technically burned down, I got really ill, my mom died and then I needed another surgery a month after we buried her. I knew I needed to do something drastic to change up the energy in my life, so over a three day weekend last month, I made a huge decision: to hit the road for 5 months. To heal and explore possibilities I had never before entertained. To date, and to renovate my life, with zero idea of how it’s going to play out. I made a plan, and even if it doesn’t turn out as I imagine it could, I do believe that shaking up my life is going to change the way I’ve been living it, in one way or another. People think I’m brave, but I’m really not. I’m just sick of my story and ready to do whatever it takes to change it. I have no idea where I’m going to land, but I do know that if I don’t make some bold moves, I’m pretty sure I’ll still be chasing my tail when 2021 rolls around.

Question #2: What aspect of your life could use a little preemptive remodeling?

There is no better time than right now, to recreate, re-invent or renovate the parts of your world where some paint might be chipping a little. No, the walls don’t have to come tumbling down to do a little cleanup work. Sometimes it just needs a little patching up here and there, other times, a sledge hammer. But first, you need to identify something that’s been bugging you…something you’re ready to let go of.

Question #3: What change are you willing to make in your life this year, in order to feel better about who you are and how you show up in the world?

Be realistic. Don’t try to fix everything all at once. I DARE YOU to start somewhere. Pick one thing, and focus on handling it differently. Be mindful, and pay attention to the new way you’ll start responding to it. 

Personal growth is the ultimate act of self-care. It takes work, and discipline, but who do you know more worth it than you are?

The world is going to keep spinning, along with you and your bad habits. So stop dragging your feet, and get to work.

The only guarantees in life are death and taxes. But I can safely guarantee that if you keep doing what you’ve been doing, nothing in your life will change.

So start by firming up your intention…your focus…(and stop worrying too much about HOW you’re going to be better before you get going). Trust that once you make a move in your target area of life, no matter how big (or small), the change you’re seeking will start to find you. The moment you make that commitment to yourself (so long as you truly DO commit to whatever it takes…and trust you), the magic is bound to reveal itself.

SO, to recap…your HW: Dare you to…

  1. Pick your word. Love it and be ready to live it…at my favorite start time: NOW.
  2. Choose the “room” you’re most excited to renovate in 2020. Be clear on why now, then declare it.
  3. Identify what changes would need to happen to accomplish that gorgeous renovation. Be sure you’re channeling your year’s word into how you make the plan.
  4. Join the conversation here. Tell us what comes up for you and what you’re taking on, in the comments of this FB note!

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