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On HIFF Leadership Camp

by Chelsea Leader Gold
 ∙ May 8 ∙ 3 Min Read

For the past two years (going on three this June)  Campowerment has produced a game-changing (and in some cases, life-changing) retreat for 60+ college-age leaders who work year-round with the Herb It Forward Foundation (HIFF), an organization focused on “supporting students where it counts.”

For the past four years, HIFF has provided financial assistance, mentorship and community to students driven to make a difference. Many of the students they serve have overcome extreme challenges; all are outstanding, and the ripple effect they’re beginning to have with HIFF’s support is an absolute gift to help catalyze.

In year 1 (2017), we focused on control: control over one’s finances, thoughts, emotions, life. Programming skewed more tactical. Year 2 (2018): HIFF went a bit deeper, with a focus on life by design.  Now, in 2019, we’re focusing on exploration, diversifying our presentation on career paths, interests and navigation strategies through majors, and minors, internships, and big life dreams.

By curating a program that is equal parts fun, informative and empowering, we build on HIFF’s already burgeoning community to create a weekend that reminds young leaders that they have the capacity to make real change in not only their own lives and circumstances, but in the world at large.  By balancing play and programming, these young scholars are able to access the joy that fuels re-ignition with inspiration from top experts.

About their past weekends, scholars have said:

I learned to find my purpose in life through the workshops and learned that there is so much more to life than the internet.”

“I learned to leave my past behind and look forward into the future.” 

“[I learned] to trust myself, invest in my future, take time out for myself so that I can be able to help others, and to be open to new people and experiences.”

Campowerment’s custom retreat for HIFF also provided the scholars with expansive access to experts, to the Campowerment team, and to the Campower Rangers, who, for this retreat, are specially selected to become mentors for this community.

“It was a major eye-opener and made me realize I am truly unstoppable as long as I work hard enough. I now know to let things go and move on, to move on to the path that is waiting for me.”

Campowerment is proud to partner with an organization that cares so deeply about its people.  Together, through thoughtful collaboration and deliberate decision-making, we create a program that truly makes a difference for people who want to make a difference. 

Sound like something you want in on?  Visit us at and let us know here when you’re ready to build a transformational experience for YOUR people.

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