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Our Family’s Thanksgiving Poem

by Campowerment Crew
 ∙ Nov 22 ∙ 1 Min Read

Passed along in Grandy’s family, on her mother’s side, since “Aunt Lil” learned it in 1910, it has become a family tradition for the Leaders and all extensions of our growing family.

We hope it’ll become part of your holiday too…

I’m glad that I am not today
A chicken or a goose. Or any other sort of bird
That is of any use.

I’d rather be a little kid,
Although ‘tis very true
The things I do not like at all I’m often made to do.

I’d rather eat some turkey
Than to be one
On a dish
And so today, with all my heart,
I’ll thankful be for this!

The Leader Family via Joan “Grandy” Leader

P.S. Download to print, HERE.

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