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Reach These Peaks

by Chelsea Leader Gold
 ∙ Aug 31 ∙ 3 Min Read is learning portal and community platform where women from all walks of life GROW UP together! It’s a transformational playground dotted with thought leaders who can guide us all to reach great heights towards self-actualization — or us, at max potential. 

Quick backstory: Since we founded Campowerment in 2013, we have been gathering experts from every area of life, to support and empower you from exactly where you are in age, stage and mindset. With, for the first time, you can navigate the deep squad of experts and their vast array of programming by how you are looking to grow.

you’ll find that we are paving paths for you to…


Knowing your value, finding your independence and having the confidence to carry all of you in love and honor to every relationship, especially the one with yourself. This path is paved around finding – and using – your mojo.


Harmony of mind, body, soul and environment. From wellness to time management to nutrition to productivity and s’more, this path is paved around arranging your life to match your dreams, minute by minute, day by day.

Love & Belonging

“Elevated kinship,” in the relationships you build and those you’ve inherited that you get to choose what to do with. From mutual respect to open communication to intimacy that meets your wants and needs, this path is paved around strengthening every relationship — with your partner in love (or the one you hope to meet), with family, friends, social groups and workplace connections.


Exploration of a belief in something bigger, and the healing that can come through esoteric practices. This path is paved around discovery, through exercises and conversations that feel good and can be deeply personal, like meditation, radical movement, and where life meets death meets life after death.


Embodiment of your mission, vision and values, starting now. This path is paved around the legacy you leave behind by living it (now!) — through how you spend your time, where you put your energy and how you dare to share your dreams.


It’s never too late to have a happy childhood, and here, we’re getting after it (or coming back after it for another gleeful lap)! This path is paved around fun and freedom, creating new memories and noticing your bliss!


The effect or influence you have on another, or many others, so you can begin to create the world you’ve been dreaming about — for yourself and for generations to come. This path is paved around your highest contribution, and holding yourself accountable to being the change you wish to see.

. . . 

What if your daily climb actually took you to where you wanted to go??

What if you were on the trail to reach your peaks in not one but many life goals?

And what if you knew you were not alone on the climb, but instead of women reminding you to forge on (and why)?

Get started on with 14 days free. Try it out — let’s grow!

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From the campfire & beyond,

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