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Ready to Surrender to Summer?

by Tammi Leader
 ∙ Jul 7 ∙ 4 Min Read

Summer’s here. That’s a fact.

For many of us, this could be the first post-pandemic one where our gut tells us it’s enough already. That there’s no turning back to the ghosts of summer’s past, before all hell broke loose.

Whether you’ve flipped the lid on your job, your address, your marital, parenting status, lost loved ones whose lives were entrenched in yours; most of us have lived through what sometimes felt unimaginable.

In many ways, this “hold your horses” moment in time felt more like water being poured on a crackling fire, leaving a cloud of smoke and very fine dust in its wake.

And now, it’s 2023, and you get to recreate your own, updated version of what your summer can look like. Dream big, my friends, because The Universe is listening.

If you’re feeling nostalgic, maybe take a stab at revising your family’s OG summer blueprint, drawn by loved ones who may be gone. Now you get to bring some new light or summer traditions into this season, where the sun stays out til 9pm.

When you can do that, you know you’re healing.

This summer is the perfect time to step back and catch your breath.

Allow yourself to dump all that heavy stuff you’ve been carrying in your backpack all fall, winter and spring. Now is when you get to release it. All of it. Especially the stuff that makes you sad.

Ready to surrender to summer?

Step one: You’ve gotta leave your house. It’s time.

Socializing is so 2023.

Maybe you pack up one of those charcuterie boards you took two years perfecting, and go visit some friends you haven’t seen in longer than you can even remember? Or indulge in a staycation with friends or family: even two days away from the computer, to remind yourself there is life outside your driveway, can help you reconnect. To yourself and to other humans also sheepishly venturing out in search of something new and different.

Step Two: Nature is waiting for you.  

Go forest bathing. Even if you’re nowhere near a forest.

This Japanese ecotherapy practice, also known as Shinrin-yoku, can calm you down and get you centered, just by soaking up the sights, sounds, and feel of our natural environment.

Can’t get to the forest? Go sit by a lake or a river or a mountain. Or find a set of trees in the park and take some time to just breathe under them. And imagine a giant magnet in the center of the earth pulling out of you, all the energetic yuck that no longer serves you.

Nature heals.

Whoever planted those trees probably didn’t get to reap the benefits of the shade, or their curative powers. Thank them, while you’re lying under the magic they’re releasing unto you. 

More and more research is showing the mental health benefits of forest bathing, which requires no special skills or equipment. Your body’s sharp hearing, seeing and smelling senses will do the work for you.

Step 3: Make new memories: Try new stuff.

36 million people in America now play Pickleball, the fastest growing sport in 2023. Paddle sets are under $25, and so many people are trying it for the first time, so don’t be intimidated. Just get out there and play.

Or maybe there’s a different sport or an art or writing project you’ve been quietly thinking about, but are sure you can’t pull off? Or a family game night, inviting your teenage kids to pick and lead it?

Just do something that takes you out of your box, and live a little. 

Missing your past doesn’t have to bum you out. Moving on is a rite of passage. 

It’s July already, so why not embrace yours? Making new memories isn’t as hard as it sounds. And it might actually be fun.

So don’t let the sun go down on one more summer. Bring the things you love about summer back into your life. Unplug, Explore, and do some shit that makes you happy, even if it makes you cry.

. . . . . . .

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From the campfire & beyond,

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