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Starting to Solve The Lunchroom Dilemma

by Chelsea Leader Gold
 ∙ Jul 18 ∙ 1 Min Read

My first Medium post was one I waited a while to break through, but once hatched, the ideas kept a’coming. Let’s go further into that classic case of “Where do I sit down,” alt known as “Who are my people? Where do I belong?”

What if in that lunchroom, when we scanned for wandering eyes, hoping (deep-seated wishing, really) to establish connection with a friendly face, all the faces were held back by phone screens?! Eyes behind capes of distraction, looking down, not up, where we needed them? Invitations would be blocked. Connections missed.


Then we’d be here, in 2019, feeling alone, except with many more years that built a collection of moments marked by broken eye contact, unrequited lunch room scans…with less experience and more pressure, and…STOP. Let’s write a better story, folks.

The change has to start somewhere, so…

READ ON, on Medium here.

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