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State of our Union: Fall 2019

by Chelsea Leader Gold
 ∙ Sep 17 ∙ 6 Min Read

By: Tammi Leader Fuller + Chelsea Leader Fuller + Lea Carlson

[Updated March 17, 2020 in light of schedule changes due to COVID-19]

It’s been a hell of a year, fam!!

We said it would be one of rebuilding, and usually whatever you decide will be true in time becomes just that. Right when we thought we knew what “rebuilding” meant…when we were sure we had climbed to a peak, we’d fall again, then build, then fall…until we truly understood that the learning doesn’t ever stop. The growth: it keeps on growing!

New experiences beget (s’)more new experiences, and, we are learning: you either love ‘em or you find a way to leave them behind. 

#RealTalk: in the process of reminding ourselves to live the lives we talk about — filled with bold visions and big plans — we realized we weren’t loving all the new experiences on the path we were following.

Last November 9, the Woolsey Fire in Malibu presented itself as one of the toughest and g*ddamn luckiest challenges we could have imagined. It had all the trappings of a catastrophic business incident, and yet, catastrophe feels so much less dramatic when thinking about what could have been. Coming out of the natural disaster, we faced a real dichotomy: Campowerment’s foundation was cracked and our spirits: shaken, but our resilience was activated and our community: stronger and more connected than ever.

What followed was an unsexy time under the hood of this movement, dismantling old parts and either repairing or totally replacing them, bit by bit (sometimes a few at a time, actually). We became mechanics, inventors, empaths, warriors; we weren’t one phoenix rising; we were a whole gaggle of phoenixes. (Intense, right?!)

Life darted other (personal) challenges at our Campowerment Crew this year, all of which we made it through and past (so, so grateful). 

Somewhere along the way, in that rebuild mindset, we had focused so much of our attention on surviving, that we let the clouds block the sunshine.

Earlier this year, we took our East Coast women’s camp retreat off of the books; an attempt at enduring the passing storm, we thought. Our community was bummed, and so were we, because since year two (2014), that was a flagpole at which we could rely on meeting every September.

Our logic was this: We probably could have pulled off that camp, but the air it would take to inflate would leave us little capacity to breathe.

And then something amazing happened. We got honest with you all about the why; moved away from apologies and spoke our truth, one of only a few messages since we founded this sucker that we have been distinctly un-excited to deliver. And everyone got it (bless you for that)

Ultimately, (we think) you trusted that we would leverage what’s best for the movement to bring you opportunities that catalyze what’s best for everyone. (Thank you for that, btw!)

After that, our mindset shifted, spiritually, tactically and in incredible ways. When we put on our own oxygen masks first, we realized how long it had been since we took full, deep breaths; we saw how our eyes could light up on a regular (not just an at-camp) day when it’s all pumping and flowing inside us.

Survival mode got upgraded. Similarly to YOU, inspired by your experiences at Campowerment, we put ourselves — at full potential — first, which has since had us dreaming from the clouds about how to not just survive, but actually thrive…and enjoy the ride!

That’s why in 2020, you’ll see newness: bold, new things to invite every purpose-driven woman and business on the party bus that blasts tantalizing music, flares with fireworks and gathers just the right people ‘round to dance.

here’s the LOW-DOWN on 2020:

No: there’s no women’s camp retreat in the Northeast in 2020.
Yes: we’re coming in hot to the East Coast in a new way (#FancyCamp)!
No: it’s probably not what you expected (us, either, until we followed our breadcrumbs, tbh!).
Yes: it’s a plan built on a deep-seated belief in magic, and what happens when you surrender to the signs that say “run!” towards what’s working AND makes your soul sing, and say “reroute!” away from what’s coming up short that’s dimming your light.

On Tuesday, October 1, we’re going public with 2020 plans. But first: we’re honoring our commitment to you, as we always will, just as you have continued to do for us. 

First dibs are yours on the experiences that will carry on the best of traditions and totally dump anything that becomes stale. That will invite destiny to the dinner table, and feed it heartily.

Join us in creating the future we dream about, starting now…together…by registering for these Campowerment experiences through end of 2020:

Nov 1-4, 2019:

Camp Retreat forWomen

in Ojai, CA

Not too late to start building the life you dream of, before 2020 swoops in!

Campowerment’s bread-and-(peanut) butter retreat weekend that takes over a sleepaway camp rich in tradition and jujjes it up so it’s fit for grown-ups! This experience offers insight, connection and new beginnings with wild adventure and insight from more than dozen experts among 150 women.

Join us?

Register here!

. . .

September 10-13, 2020:

Fancy Camp: For the
Exceptional Everywoman

in Asheville, NC at The Horse Shoe Farm

Every woman is exceptional, but because of your commitment to push the boundaries on your own life, you’re an exceptionally stand-out woman worth celebrating. This one’s for you if you’re a woman who wants to invest in self-development in an elevated setting of discovery and community.

For 45 women — including four experts — in relentless pursuit of growth, together in an intimate, connected community that’s thoughtfully assembled, person by person. By application only.

Learn more about  who we’re bringing together and why, here!

. . .

Nov 12-15, 2020:

Camp Retreat forWomen

in Ojai, CA

You know the deal. Make it happen for yourself. It’s time.

Register here! 

. . .

Thanks for betting on the notion that together is the best way up!

From the campfire & beyond,
Your Campowerment Crew

P.S. Here’s the deal with deal$: 

Come to camp this Nov 1-4 in Ojai, so you don’t have to wait ‘til next November for the full-on camp fix!! There, you’ll get the “best deal ever,” offered to campers live at Nov 2019 camp!

Can’t make it? Make moves now for Nov 12-15, 2020 (back in Ojai, CA). Get the next best deal that will exist, ahead of when it’s offered to the public. $250 off ($1,349, thru 11/19/19) with promo code EARLYBIRD (all caps) at checkout. Register here!

Plus, there’s the referral program (click for info!): $100 to you for every first-time camper you send or bring to Campowerment camps for women!

And/or get your Fancy Camp applications in before anyone else does! Invites will follow on a rolling basis. Please note: deals do not apply to Fancy Camp, which is application-based for a strategically curated community of women who belong together in an intimate setting of 45 women at a time.

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